Tag: #MovingHouse

  • New Zealands Highest

    Gosh travelling through NZ is fantastic. On the way down to Wanaka to deliver the contents of a large house. The highest mountain you can see is Aoraki / Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest at 3724m. The glacier lake in front is Pukaki. What a day, what a view….

  • Stairway Fun

    Crikey this was a tricky stairway. Up four flights, tight turns, and even less room for the final floor. The sideboard was nice, and nicely made – i.e. rather heavy. Slow but steady though and it’s not a problem, especially with good help from a rugby front rower!

  • West Coast – Makes a nice change

    So I had a great job last week packing up house for Ed, a lovely coast gent. He was moving over to Sir Charles Upham Retirement Village in Rangiora. His son Doug came over to help, and it went really well, with me just getting the smaller hire truck back to base in time! The…

  • Moving to Remote Places

    G Bell Removals will move you to anywhere in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, and we also will work with you if you want to go further afield in the South Island of New Zealand. Recently we moved a family from Christchurch to a small Banks Peninsula bay. It did take all day from…